[Veritas-bu] WHat is the method and impact of changing volume groups?

2003-07-08 18:46:04
Subject: [Veritas-bu] WHat is the method and impact of changing volume groups?
From: jwood AT apa.qwest DOT net (James Wood)
Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2003 16:46:04 -0600
That's exactly what I want to do with the Groups. I also hope to be able to
use them to generate lists of media that needs to go offsite, but for this I
need groups assigned when the volume is created.
I can do it by pool and robotic location, but groups would allow me to
fine-tune it better.

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Subject: RE: [Veritas-bu] WHat is the method and impact of changing volume

> James:
> The impact of "moving" your volume groups around to different names,
> etc. will have little or no impact on your NetBackup installation
> functionally speaking....
> <<UNLESS>>
> You are running VERITAS Vault.  VERITAS Vault depends on the volume
> groups along with criteria of the media to track the location/condition
> of the media.
> Volume Groups independent of Vault are merely used for administrative
> purposes.  The only criteria for media to be the member of a Volume
> group is that they all must share the same residence.  For example,
> volume group ONSITE may have 30 tapes that have just been returned from
> my offsite vendor, but they are not yet loaded into my tape library and
> as such their residence would be Standalone (or NONE, NON-ROBOTIC, etc.)
> If I chose to move only one of those 30 into the library it's volume
> group would have to change because it no longer shared the residence of
> the remaining 29.
> You are right; the use of volume groups can greatly increase the
> usability of the product.  For example if you are using volume groups to
> track the location of the media and a restore is requesting a piece of
> media that is not resident in the tape library it will generate a
> pending request.  You will be able to use your device monitor or cli
> equivalent (vmoprcmd -d pr) to view the pending requests to see what
> volume group this tape is a member of.
> OFFSITE        Arcus
> CABINET        Onsite - Tape cab
> ONSITE         Onsite from Arcus not inventoried to cabinet
> I hope that helps
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> Subject: [Veritas-bu] WHat is the method and impact of changing volume
> groups?
> I think I can better automate some functions with volume groups. Until
> now,
> they have been assigned with no purpose in mind, and are quite chaotic.
> 1) What would be the impact of changing groups of pools to a specific
> volume
> pool?
> Such as: "daily-off-1" thru "daily-off-10" all active volumes changed to
> the
> "daily-off" volume group. They are currently assigned to a variety of
> volume
> groups, or none at all. Many are offsite as the name implies.
> 2) Can I do this without having to recall the volumes? It would be best
> to
> apply this retroactively to all active volumes. Not necessary, just
> better.
> how do I do it?
> 3) If I assign the classes to be put into the specific volume groups,
> this
> will not effect the current pools, will it? Meaning, there will be no
> change
> in name and classification of the volume pools produced hereafter, just
> that
> they also have the same volume group assigned. How is this done? (I
> think I
> have this one figured out, I wish to compare what I have to what you
> folks
> say. Gauge my progress, so to speak.)
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