[Veritas-bu] Backing up Standard and Oracle for Sun Cluster 3.0

2003-07-07 16:03:20
Subject: [Veritas-bu] Backing up Standard and Oracle for Sun Cluster 3.0
From: benr AT cuddletech DOT com (Ben Rockwood)
Date: Mon, 7 Jul 2003 13:03:20 -0700 (PDT)
Hello NB Gurus.

  I've setup a new cluster system, running Sun Cluster 3.0.  We're doing a
  standard HA-Oracle setup with Oracle9i.  We're having some trouble
  figuring out how to construct the backups in NetBackup.  We currently
  have two media servers avalible, one running 3.2 (because of the lack of
  licensing enforcement) and one running 3.4 (because I don't want to
  loose the Motif GUI).
  There are 3 backups that need to happen, 2 standard backups for the
  filesystems of each node and 1 Oracle backup via RMAN of the datbase
  itself.  The trick is that we don't want to have to modify NB's
  configuration each time the cluster fails over to a diffrent node.  The
  idea was to backup Oracle via the logical hostname which moves from node
  to node with failover, and then backup the filesystems directly via the
  nodes themselves.  However we've hit some snags, like:a) When we preform 
Oracle RMAN backups via the logical hostname the
channels that are opened are done so as the node itself, rather than the
logical hostname.  Therefore each node needs to be added as a client to
the Oracle class.  But could this cause problems if we backup from NodeA
and restore that data to NodeB?b) It seems like we need to switch the bp.conf's 
for the diffrent backups.
 CLIENT=NodeA for the file system backups and CLIENT=logicalhostname for
the Oracle backup.c) I'm not sure how NB is getting the node names for the 
channels of the
RMAN backup, since both server and client bp.conf's don't have the node
hostnames in the, just the cluster name.
  Any ideas on how to construct things better than apprently I have?  The
  ultimate idea is to try and avoid being hackish (ie: swapping bp.conf's
  before and after backups, which can be error prone) and to avoid having
  to directly modify the configuration after a node switch.  Also, any
  recommendations as to whether 4.5 will make my life easier?  It looks
  pretty nice but I really would hate to loose my beloved MOTIF GUI, which
  is imho, the only decent Enterprise GUI at all.
  Thank you for any help you can offer.


//Ben Rockwood - UNIX Systems Admin
//email: benr AT cuddletech DOT com
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