[Veritas-bu] perl to process reports from activity monitor

2003-07-07 11:59:26
Subject: [Veritas-bu] perl to process reports from activity monitor
From: jmeyer AT ptc DOT com (Jonathan Meyer)
Date: Mon, 07 Jul 2003 11:59:26 -0400
I want to write perl scripts that will print reports based on the 
activity monitor data from netbackup 4.5.  One way or another this data 
will come from bpdbjobs -all_columns.

I have found at least two perl modules which provide interfaces to this 
data.  I have also found some perl snippets that give a pretty good 
example of how to parse the all_columns data.

I am trying to be lazy in a virtuous way about this work.  I would like 
to know what other people are using successfully with netbackup 4.5 to 
analyze the data from bpdbjobs.

Code examples will be greatly appreciated.  Some of the code I have 
found looks pretty good, but is not documented quite enough for me to 
get a foothold.  Thanks.

Jonathan Meyer
UNIX Systems Administrator
Parametric Technology Corporation

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