[Veritas-bu] WHat is the method and impact of changing volume groups?

2003-07-06 21:21:51
Subject: [Veritas-bu] WHat is the method and impact of changing volume groups?
From: jwood AT apa.qwest DOT net (James Wood)
Date: Sun, 6 Jul 2003 19:21:51 -0600
I think I can better automate some functions with volume groups. Until now,
they have been assigned with no purpose in mind, and are quite chaotic.

1) What would be the impact of changing groups of pools to a specific volume
Such as: "daily-off-1" thru "daily-off-10" all active volumes changed to the
"daily-off" volume group. They are currently assigned to a variety of volume
groups, or none at all. Many are offsite as the name implies.

2) Can I do this without having to recall the volumes? It would be best to
apply this retroactively to all active volumes. Not necessary, just better.
how do I do it?

3) If I assign the classes to be put into the specific volume groups, this
will not effect the current pools, will it? Meaning, there will be no change
in name and classification of the volume pools produced hereafter, just that
they also have the same volume group assigned. How is this done? (I think I
have this one figured out, I wish to compare what I have to what you folks
say. Gauge my progress, so to speak.)