[Veritas-bu] system error occurred (130

2003-07-01 08:50:47
Subject: [Veritas-bu] system error occurred (130
From: ben.austin AT cgey DOT com (Austin, Ben)
Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2003 13:50:47 +0100

I have the following problem on Netbackup 3.4.1 running on Solaris:

Netbackup was running ok until I changed the IP address of the Netbackup
server (Sun 4500). I then receive the following errors when attempting to
run backups:

log_in_errorDB: scheduler exiting - system error occurred (130)
process_message: read_worklists_from_file failed:  file open failed (12)

- I have changed the host under the "Volume Database Host Configuration" so
it reflects the new IPaddress(I know it should not be hard coded but it
appears to have been set up this way). 

- The new IP address is receiving and sending data successfully. 

Has anyone got any idea as to what this might be.

Much appreciated,

Ben Austin
Sun UNIX Team
tel. (ext): 0870 904 5926
tel. (int):  700 5926
email:     ben.austin AT cgey DOT com

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