[Veritas-bu] New user / New implementation Questions

2002-04-29 22:50:10
Subject: [Veritas-bu] New user / New implementation Questions
From: roberthalton AT yahoo DOT com (Robert Halton)
Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2002 19:50:10 -0700
Hello all,
I am just starting to use Netbackup 3.4 in our Office, and so far it is
being somewhat flaky.

What we have
A Unix Master Server connected to an Adic Scalar 100 jukebox
The jukebox has an SNC which is then connected to a Brocade 3800

Four NT Media Servers also connected via the 5101 SNC.

Things seem to be working fine however and this is all I can figure out,
it looks like when an NT job, the servers are larger than the unix
servers runs over 1 tape, it waits for ever to mount the next tape.

The only way to resolve this is reboot the snc, and then up the drives
in device monitor.

Any clues on where to look?

This whole setup is a loaner setup, and our real one is a Scalar 1000
connected Via 3 3000 SNC's to the EMC 8830.
Then the Master server and NT Media Servers are all connected via GigE.
This has not been tested yet as there is not really enough data at the
new site.

Thanks in Advance

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