SUMMARY: [Veritas-bu] multiplexing questions

2002-04-29 09:41:15
Subject: SUMMARY: [Veritas-bu] multiplexing questions
From: datpace AT earthlink DOT net (Darryl Pace)
Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2002 09:41:15 -0400
I'd like to thank Rob Worman and Shahar Shaynis for their feed back.
The original email I sent, along with the answers they gave me are shown


        If I have a storage unit with 4 drives that is configured to
handle multiplexing up to 4 streams per drive, and I have 2 classes,
both configured to multiplex 4 streams, will this configuration send 4
streams to two drives and leave the other 2 drives idle?

Answer: Rob said that the answer to the question above is "yes.  But
don't forget t modify your global "max jobs per client" to at least 8.
The default setting is 1".

        Also, if I configure a class to send multiple data streams, then
set it up to send 4 streams of data (to the storage unit with 4 drives),
will it backup AND restore from the 4 drives simultaneously?

Answer: "Yes."