[Veritas-bu] Full vs Incremental Backup

2002-04-28 18:41:55
Subject: [Veritas-bu] Full vs Incremental Backup
From: jlkennedy AT amcc DOT com (Jeff Kennedy)
Date: Sun, 28 Apr 2002 15:41:55 -0700
I got an answer from Douglas Ritschel regarding this and the answer is
yes, incrementals are schedule and class independent.  Any incremental
(regardless of class or schedule) is based on the last full (regardless
of class or schedule).  I confirmed this with Veritas.

Be careful with those Offsite pools..... :-[


"Donaldson, Mark" wrote:

> I'm testing some new stuff, so I'm doing a full backup to a test pool,
> then deleting the images later.
> It just occurred to me: Is the incremental backup of a server the
> changed files as compared to the most recent full backup within the
> same class or any class.
> -Mark