[Veritas-bu] First timer planning for NETBU

2001-12-30 17:23:25
Subject: [Veritas-bu] First timer planning for NETBU
From: joe AT joe DOT net (Johnny Oestergaard)
Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2001 23:23:25 +0100
In December we got some problems with our current backupsoftware that can't 
be solved and we need to follow some guidlines inhouse on how to take our 
backups so we have to do something fast.

What we have done is first to order and get NETBU and the clients we need.

We will run NETBU on a WIN2K as master and we have around 28 NT/WIN2K 
servers that we will need to take backups of.
2 exchange 5.5 and 8 SQL servers everything else are different kind of 
normal servers.

We use a STK L180 lib. with 2 9940 drives.

What I need is not a perfect plan, but a plan that can move us to NETBU 
over a weekend and from day 1 take that backups we need.
And not making it almost imposible to make the implementation a lot better 

What we have to deliver is:

Total backup of all servers incl. exchange and SQL.
Make a daily tapecopy of the nights backups so that they can be send off-site.

We have aroung 400 GB of data so I would think that we will need 4 tapes 
every day for off-site storage. (4 x 60 GB native and the rest should come 
from compression)
The backups should be done using streaming from several servers at a time 
over the night (but we have more then 8 hours so that should not be a 
problem at all)
We can start the tapecopy every morning and copy the backups over to tapes 
for off-site storage.

The problems is that I have to get this up and running fast and I can't 
afford having Veritas setting it up.

If anyone has some hint's og documents that could help me please respond.

joe AT joe DOT net

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