Sv: [Veritas-bu] Backup up DB2 using the NBU agent

2001-12-21 11:03:14
Subject: Sv: [Veritas-bu] Backup up DB2 using the NBU agent
From: ida3248b AT post.cybercity DOT dk (Michael Graff Andersen)
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2001 17:03:14 +0100
Hi Andy

Try running the command file on the client, if it works it should start some 
Default-Policy jobs.

Any way thats the way it works with the databases I have worked with (MS-SQL, 
SAP, Oracle) both on UNIX and NT/W2k.


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Dato: 21. december 2001 11:09
Emne: [Veritas-bu] Backup up DB2 using the NBU agent

>Does anyone have any experience of backup IBM DB2 databases running
>on an NT4 platform.
>I am trying to backup to an NT4 NBU Master Server, running NBU 3.4.1_1
>The DBAs have created a command file stating which database they
>want backing up.
>However when I run a job, it starts, connects to the client and then
>without either mounting a tape or backing up any files.
>The job exits with a status code of 0.
>Andy Skates
>Legal & General Assurance Society
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