[Veritas-bu] Exchange backup problems

2001-12-20 14:25:18
Subject: [Veritas-bu] Exchange backup problems
From: spe08 AT DOT us (Spearman, David)
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2001 14:25:18 -0500
We ran into the mailbox problem on our site initialy. After talking to
veritas we found that the master/media server (w2k) needs to have the jumbo
patch and the 341_1 patch installed. They also have a 341_2 patch that
according to the blurb is also for exchange. On the client the same applies,
install the client software, the jumbo j0850645 patch and at least 341_1.
Your best bet is to uninstall the client, then reinstall client, jumbo,
341_1. We are Exchange 5.5 so the actual patches you download might be
slightly different. Also, on the mailboxes the client must be pointed at a
totaly unique mailbox name. I used ZZZ with the alias ZZZ. Using anything
that even has some of the same letters as another mailbox and it will not
work. You will aslo need to set the client service on the exchange server to
start up with the same user ID used to start the exchange services. I never
did get it to work when our exchange server was on NT4, but it is was easy
once it was on w2k.

David Spearman
County of Henrico, Va

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From: Lee Anne Pedersen [mailto:LeeAnne.Pedersen AT gov.ab DOT ca]
Sent: 20 December, 2001 13:21
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Subject: [Veritas-bu] Exchange backup problems

I have been able to successfully do a small test backup of an Exchange
2000 Information Store utilizing the Exchange Server agent. 

However, we plan to also do mailbox backups for a few select users, so I
need to configure the server for that. I've done all the configuration
outlined in the Exchange Server System Admin guide, but I'm having a few

1. We have two exchange servers, our main server (clustered,
active/passive, one storage group) and a secondary server (not
clustered, two storage groups) which I can test against. On the test
server, when specifying the mailbox name in the client properties and
clicking OK or Apply, the dialog box closes and takes the Netbackup
configuration window with it, and never saves the value. Any suggestions
on how to get this to work? I can save any other changes, and it has
saved the value successfully on the active cluster node.

2. None of the mailboxes in the client backup program are visible for
selection, on either the main or test server. Double-clicking Microsoft
Exchange Mailboxes results in an hourglass for about a minute, and
nothing else. How do I get them to appear?

3. On the Exchange cluster active node client, I go to Active | Specify
NetBackup Machines | Clients. The Admin guide says to select the virtual
server name and Make Current. I change it from the node name to the
virtual server name and save it, but when I go back in it has reverted
back to the node name?

NBDC 3.4.1, Win2K master/clients, Exchange 2000.
Thank you for any help.

Lee Anne Pedersen

LeeAnne.Pedersen AT gov.ab DOT ca
Alberta Corporate Service Centre (ACSC)

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