[Veritas-bu] Error restoring any file on the NB master

2001-12-20 11:26:28
Subject: [Veritas-bu] Error restoring any file on the NB master
From: gbos AT uoguelph DOT ca (Gerrit Bos)
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2001 11:26:28 -0500
My guess would be that there is no match between an entry for the Master
Server in the master's bp.conf file (first "SERVER" entry) the "CLIENT_NAME"
in the master's bp.conf file, and the name resolution usually done through
Since all other hosts are working, I would ensure that there is a
CLIENT_NAME entry which maches the first SERVER entry in the bp.conf file,
and second play with the /etc/hosts entries, and not the bp.conf SERVER
entry, since it affects the interactions with all other clients.  There is a
bit of a description on this in the 3.2 sysadmin guide page 577.

If this doesn't solve it, or you're not sure, check the log entry where the
names get compared.  I believe this is in the bpcd log.  I hope this

Dave Brown wrote:

> I'm running NB 3.2 on a Solaris 2.6 server.  I've run into an odd
> problem when I try to do some testing of the environment.  I've tried to
> do some test restores (/etc/hosts to a /tmp/dbrown directory) on the NB
> Master.  I continue to get '54' errors, timeout trying to connect to
> client, after the restore times out.  However, if I try to restore the
> file from the NB master to any NB client, the restore works without a
> problem.  Also, I can restore all the NB clients back to the original
> location or to the NB master.  The only restore failures I get are when
> it is from and back to the NB master.
> I have tried making some changes in the bp.conf to limit port
> communications as well as max out the time out period, and have had no
> luck.  I've updated all the patches and still get the same problem.  In
> an emergency if I had to do a restore for the NB master, I can do the
> restore to a client then either ftp or rcp the file, but I would prefer
> to not have to use this work around.
> Does anyone have any insight as to what might be causing this restore
> failure?
> Thanks!
> Dave Brown
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