[Veritas-bu] Veritas NetBackup: How do you determine if tape is in use? + err or (52)

2001-12-18 17:42:50
Subject: [Veritas-bu] Veritas NetBackup: How do you determine if tape is in use? + err or (52)
From: fx AT Veritas DOT com (fx [François-Xavier Peretmere])
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2001 23:42:50 +0100
> From: Smith, David W (IT) [mailto:d AT kla-tencor DOT com]
> Sent: Tuesday 18 December, 2001 18:08

> Does anyone know how to determine if a specific tape is in use?

 Look at the "ReqId" column. If there's something, then the drive
is assigned to a job.

> If once I determine that nothing is using a tape, how does
> one remove it from the drive, etc?

 In some case, reseting the drive will unload it. But warning,
in some SAN configuration, with SCSI/FC bridges, it can freeze
the drive, leaving you the manual unload as ultime soltion.
 You can either use the OS way to unload a drive : mt or ntbackup

> I'm concerned with tape D00634 and V00313, as these device
> file timestamps are old:

 Hum. The BEST stuff makes me think to HP-UX, which is not
really a great friend of mine. But I don't think the device
file access time will reflect the last device access. iostat
or friends will be more usefull. Can't check that right now,
so please notice I won't bet my head on that ;-)

 Amicalement, fx.

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