[Veritas-bu] Only certain drives slow to write

2001-12-17 00:11:00
Subject: [Veritas-bu] Only certain drives slow to write
From: bhhorn AT creighton DOT edu (brian)
Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2001 23:11:00 -0600
We have an HP-UX 10.20, NBU 3.4, a StorageTek 9730 with 3 drives and two
re-branded Fastor 7's.  It really seems as of lately that the rebranded
Fastor's are just crawling, whether doing backups or tape-to-tape
copies.  From the lights on the front panel, there is some indication
that they start writing like gangbusters, but degrade quickly after
that.  Any help on how to shoot this trouble would be appreciated.
BTW, the StorageTek drives are on one scsi card and the Fastors on
another. All connections and connectors look and feel firmly connected.


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