[Veritas-bu] archive bit

2001-12-14 14:27:52
Subject: [Veritas-bu] archive bit
From: jmaley AT macromedia DOT com (jeff maley)
Date: 14 Dec 2001 11:27:52 -0800
is there a 'recommended practices' regarding using the archive bit in
nt/2000 to determine if a file is to be backed up? upon a reading of the
sysadmin guide, it indicates that both full and differential backups
clear the archive bit, but that cumulatives do not. since a cumulative
is supposed to backup everything since the last full backup, i don't see
how this is possible if an incremental is run in between the full and
the cumulative and the incremental clears the archive bit. since there
is the option to use the time/datestamp, is this a better bet or am i
missing something?

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