[Veritas-bu] bpauthsync and authorization

2001-12-13 09:38:28
Subject: [Veritas-bu] bpauthsync and authorization
From: hartsell AT cts DOT com (John Hartsell)
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 06:38:28 -0800 (PST)
Is BPAUTHSYNC supposed to update your methods_allow.txt file on your
servers and clients? In

the Netbackup DataCenter Administrators book for NT\2000 page 269 it say's
to run

"bpauthsync -methods -methods_allow c:\tmp\ma.txt -servers -clients" I
have changed my

ma.txt to have the my server and clients in it.

vopie : encinitas    >server
vopie : bogart       >client
vopie : ers          >client

My "methods_allow.txt never changes on the clients.

Another question, In the "services" file on the clients is the "vopied
13783/tcp" supposed to

be in it? I only have that entry in my "services" file on my server.

One of my main problems is that when a set up a client in "policy
management" and go through

the add class wizard and when I try to choose a directory on there drive I
do not see any

drives listed.

If anybody has and answers for these questions I would be grateful.
I have never had a program give me so many errors and be this hard to


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