[Veritas-bu] Netbackup 3.4/Solaris 2.6/STK L700 LTO

2001-12-12 13:34:38
Subject: [Veritas-bu] Netbackup 3.4/Solaris 2.6/STK L700 LTO
From: donna.nadimi AT lucasfilm DOT com (Donna Nadimi)
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2001 10:34:38 -0800
Please help!

I'm out of my depth here.  I'm trying to hook up a STK L700 with 10 LTO
drives to my Sun E450 using QLogic 2200F HBA's.  (2 scsi drives per fiber)

I have a couple of questions:

1.  What configuration files do I need to edit?  What info do I put in them?
sd.conf?  st.conf?  qla2200.conf?

2.  What is ACS?  Where do I get it?  What does it do?

If anyone knows the answer to these questions, or has some sort of
documentation telling me what to do, I'd really appreciate you sending it

I've gotten to the point where sgscan can see the changer and 1 drive.
However, I'm not sure which config parameter is making it work.

Thanks in advance.

Your friend in need, 


<banging head on keyboard/>


Donna L. Nadimi
UNIX Systems Engineer
Lucasfilm Ltd.
donna.nadimi AT lucasfilm DOT com

"UNIX is user friendly.  It's just picky about who its friends are."

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