[Veritas-bu] bpmedialist vs. vmquery

2001-12-12 10:35:06
Subject: [Veritas-bu] bpmedialist vs. vmquery
From: David A. Chapa" <david AT xbpadm-commands DOT com (David A. Chapa)
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2001 07:35:06 -0800 (PST)
It's important to understand the differences between 
Media Manager and NetBackup.

Media Manager tracks all of the physical media, its 
condition (ie. number of mounts, dates, etc.)

Netbackup track the who, what when where and how of the 
backups.  The "where" defines on what tapes to the 
images live.  When NetBackup performs a job, it first 
looks at its own mediaDB to see if there is a tape 
already owned by it that meets the criteria of the 
backup class that is now looking for a destination.  If 
it finds one, then it requests it to be mounted.  If 
not, it asks Media Manager for a tape.  Media Manager 
will provide an 'unassigned' tape to NetBackup for the 
backup product.  When NetBackup writes to that tape, it 
is entered into its mediaDB.

When you run a vmquery you look at the vsnDB (volDB) on 
the Media manager side of things.

When you run a bpmedialist you are querying the mediaDB 
on the NetBackup Media Servers.  This would be the 
tapes that the NetBackup server "knows" about or the 
tapes it has written to.

When you see media not found, it simply means that that 
particular Netbackup server hasn't written to it yet.


Quoting jeff maley <jmaley AT macromedia DOT com>:

> first, thank you to everyone who has ever responded 
to one of my
> questions. those responses have helped greatly.
> an issue i am experiencing now is a mismatch between 
what tapes nbu
> thinks are in our robot and what tapes media manager 
thinks are there.
> for example, when i run a vmquery on our robot, it 
generates a list of
> tapes. i then run some of those tape numbers through 
bpmedialist to see
> what the status is, and i get a message saying the 
media id could not be
> found in the nbu or mm db. since i got the tape 
number initially from
> the mm db, i am confused. i  believe i have many 
tapes in this
> situation. is there any hope other than manually 
inventorying all the
> tapes?
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