[Veritas-bu] Verify or duplicate fails

2001-12-10 14:10:41
Subject: [Veritas-bu] Verify or duplicate fails
From: cc3283 AT sbc DOT com (CARTWRIGHT, CORY C (SNETCOMM))
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2001 14:10:41 -0500
Hello All,

I have been having a problem performing duplicates and Verifications on
backups of on of the classes in my backup schedule.  I receive an 
07:58:23 INF - host sd450cti2 backup id sd450cti2_1005124068 read failed,
media read error (85).

07:58:26 INF - Duplicate of backup id sd450cti2_1005124068 failed, media
read error (85).

07:58:27 INF - Status - successfully duplicated 2 of 3 images.

I have replaced the media/tape  I was pulling the image from and performed a
manual backup of the failing class, with  no change.  The class that is
failing is the one that backs up the master NB server and is not going
across the network.  Also the backups, according to the backup reports are
happening with out error, that includes any manual backups.  The other two
systems/classes that I backup I can duplicate or Verify with no errors.  

Server : E450 
Tape library : L9
one stand alone DLT 7000

Thanks in advance for your help,
Cory Cartwright
*cc3283 AT sbc DOT com

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