[Veritas-bu] Veritas NetBackup: Using bpdbjobs in a "tail -f" mode?

2001-12-07 11:40:33
Subject: [Veritas-bu] Veritas NetBackup: Using bpdbjobs in a "tail -f" mode?
From: david AT xbpadm-commands DOT com (David A. Chapa)
Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2001 10:40:33 -0600
bpdbjobs -report -all_columns -stay_alive

This gives you a raw output, go to this link:;

for an explanation of the raw.

If you use the Java interface and you have the activity monitor open, do a
bpps and you will find bpdbjobs with this stay_alive switch.


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Subject: [Veritas-bu] Veritas NetBackup: Using bpdbjobs in a "tail -f"

Does anyone know of a method to us the bpdbjobs command in like a unix "tail
-f" mode, where you can continually monitor jobs being run, etc.

Does this command have a man page? I've looked in the System Admin manual
and the options are not documented well.


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