[Veritas-bu] question about user backup/restore

2001-12-05 20:55:32
Subject: [Veritas-bu] question about user backup/restore
From: fx AT Veritas DOT com (fx [François-Xavier Peretmere])
Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2001 02:55:32 +0100
> From: Adam Levin [mailto:alevin AT audible DOT com]
> Sent: Thursday 29 November, 2001 20:56

> However, these are Windows users, and don't know from X. I figured
> they could simply use the bp text menu, but I'm afraid I can't
> figure out how to use it myself.  I've created a class for the machine,
> with a user archive schedule, but I get "access to the client was not
> allowed".

 Are your NB servers in the SERVER list of this client? (Check
"bpgetconfig SERVER" output).

> 2) What's the command-line backup command for this?  I'd be
> glad to just set up a shell script which they can run that'll kick
> off an archive of their work directory for them.


 Amicalement, fx.

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