[Veritas-bu] File system backup

2001-12-05 17:21:35
Subject: [Veritas-bu] File system backup
From: jlkennedy AT amcc DOT com (Jeff Kennedy)
Date: Wed, 05 Dec 2001 14:21:35 -0800
I had done this in a previous position with Legato and Oracle, but the
concept is the same.  The dba's setup automated exports to /oraexports
and I backed that up to tape once a day.  No problems.  Just don't put
/u0x on the same set of disks as /oraexports, bad things can happen...


> "Prabhala, Rama" wrote:
> Env - Solaris 8
> Netbackup - 3.4
> We are planning to implement filesystem backup for informix logs. The
> idea is to take the log backup to a filesystem and flush them on to a
> tape thrice in a day. Today we have a dedicate drive for logbackups
> which we want to eliminate.
> Is anyone implementing the above scheme.
> Regards,
> Rama M prabhala
> Forest Labs
> 493-7058

Jeff Kennedy
Unix Administrator
jlkennedy AT amcc DOT com

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