[Veritas-bu] duplication_script problems

2001-12-02 16:10:49
Subject: [Veritas-bu] duplication_script problems
From: david AT xbpadm-commands DOT com (David A. Chapa)
Date: Sun, 2 Dec 2001 15:10:49 -0600
Hi, glad to hear another person is using my duplication scripts.

There is a variable called MAX_TASKS, this value indicates the number of
drive pairs you want to use.  So if you only have 2 drives in  your library,
this number will be 1.  NUM_TASKS should equal MAX_TASKS initially.

What platform are you running this on?

If it is spawning too many bpduplicate processes (and MAX_TASKS is set
properly), then it is probably more to do with how it looks for the presence
of the processes in your process table.  I'd check that area under the
duplication function in the main script, you may have to adjust the awk
statement that I run there.

That duplication suite was designed and ran on a Sun platform, solaris

If you have more problems, please feel free to use my mailing list (you'll
need to subscribe if you aren't already), NBU-lserv AT datastaff DOT com

There are a number of people on that list that are using my scripts at their
sites as well who might be able to help in my absence.  Otherwise, I will
answer them directly.


David A. Chapa
NetBackup Consultant
DataStaff, Inc.
847 413 1144
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I'm trying to use David's duplication_script and getting some weird
Probably I'm doing something wrong.

I have a StorEdge L40 library with two DLT8000 drives. It is configured as
one stu, obviously. This is the only stu available. It is connected to
Sun U10 running NBU DataCenter 3.4.1.

bpduplicate, as well as duplication script, requires to specify the
storage unit. I can use only one.

duplication_script starts, runs for some time, and then hungs forever with

Do I need two stu's to be able to use bpduplicate and duplication_script?

My understanding was that as long as I have two drives I can duplicate

duplication_script for some reason starts several processes requiring
different source tapes and different destination tapes. And this cannot
be done. It looks that one process mounts its destination tape, the other
meanwhile mounts its source tape. Then there are no more free drives,
noone of the processes is able to mount the second tape needed for copying
to start, and they wait for each other forever.

Is there a way to tell duplication script to run one duplication process
at a time?

Thank you,
Konstantin 'Kastus' Shchuka
Unix System Administrator
ePocrates Inc.
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