[Veritas-bu] netbackup 3.4 and mammoth2 drives

2000-09-08 15:16:17
Subject: [Veritas-bu] netbackup 3.4 and mammoth2 drives
From: Bob Bakh bbakh AT veritas DOT com
Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2000 12:16:17 -0700
Are you sure that the st.conf settings are correct?


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Subject: [Veritas-bu] netbackup 3.4 and mammoth2 drives

we are playing with a new installation and using netbackup 3.4 with mammoth2
tape drives on a sun 450 server, running solaris 7 64-bit.  any backup works
fine as long as it is the first backup going onto a tape. a second backup to
any tape marks that tape as frozen.  i can dd from the tape and see the
1024byte netbackup header, then can dd the tar'd backup file from tape, and
then dd the netbackup trailer file.  if i unfreeze the tape, it'll get
re-frozen again when a backup is re-submitted.  if i try to get the
imagelist from the tape, that errors and the tape is marked "suspended".  

exabyte says that the st.conf entry listed on their web site should work,
and we can manually read stuff back from the tape so we do know that the
data is there.

has anyone seen this problem with other drives or does anyone have netbackup
working with mammoth2 drives?

any help, tips, tricks appreciated.

thanks in advance,

bptm log info:
07:51:20 [5597] <2> select_media: selected media id 000005 for backup,
nyx(rl =4) <----------
07:51:20 [5597] <2> write_backup: backup child process is pid 5600
07:51:20 [5597] <2> mount_open_media: Waiting for mount of media id 000005
on server bacchus.
07:51:20 [5600] <2> fill_buffer: VSMInit () failed: 2d
07:52:17 [5597] <2> io_open: file /usr/openv/netbackup/db/media/tpreq/000005
successfully opened
07:52:17 [5597] <2> write_backup: media id 000005 mounted on drive index 0,
drivepath /dev/rmt/0cbn, drivename EXABYTEMammoth20
07:52:17 [5597] <2> io_read_media_header: drive index 0, reading media
header, buflen = 32768, buff = 0x418980
07:52:17 [5597] <2> io_ioctl: command (5)MTREW 1 from (bptm.c.4896) on drive
index 0
07:52:18 [5597] <2> getsockconnected: host=bacchus service=bpdbm
address= protocol=tcp non-reserved port=13721
07:52:19 [5597] <16> io_read_media_header: tapemark or blank tape
encountered reading media header, drive index 0
07:52:19 [5597] <2> getsockconnected: host=bacchus service=bpdbm
address= protocol=tcp non-reserved port=13721
07:52:19 [5597] <16> write_backup: non NetBackup media found in drive index
0, FREEZING 000005
07:52:19 [5597] <2> io_close: closing
/usr/openv/netbackup/db/media/tpreq/000005, from bptm.c.10712
07:52:19 [5597] <2> tpunmount: tpunmount'ing
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