[Veritas-bu] NetApp/NDMP to non-NetApp connected tapedrive/ju kebox

2000-09-01 13:47:26
Subject: [Veritas-bu] NetApp/NDMP to non-NetApp connected tapedrive/ju kebox
From: Bob Bakh bbakh AT veritas DOT com
Date: Fri, 1 Sep 2000 10:47:26 -0700
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Are you sure it was Brocade? I could have sworn the only one that works in
this config is the Vixel.  The NetApp can't see any other NetApp or Server
on a Fiber port or it will try to take it's disk, or that was how it was a
couple of months ago.  The Vixel is a Hub Switch.  One port can see all the
ports, so you hook up the drives to it.  And the other ports can only see
the last port where the drives are and that is how it works.

Now as for mixing backups Through a NetApp.  There are issues.  And as of
today, I have seen it working by accident.  It is just dog slow.  The NDMP
was made to snap a volume on a NetApp or EMC NAS box or Auspex and back up
the snap.  It also writes in a DUMP format.  So it's not the best single
file restore format you can get.  Anyhow, it's slow.

Since we have no software on the NetApp filer, it makes it difficult to make
MPX work, unless they write it into the protocol.  I'm sure we've tried to
get it into the standard, but it will take time.

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Thanks for your information. I had come across the documentation indicating
that one could backup from a NetApp via NDMP over the (LAN) network to

The documentation also indicates (from NetApp too) that a fiber channel
with a Brocade switch enables multiple NetApps to share a tape drive(s).

I am hoping that Veritas will enable mixing NDMP backups and their backups 
together. Maybe they can add a "container" concept to their backup format
so they can include an NDMP stream (and even multiplex it).

Thanks again,

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