[Veritas-bu] available_media script

2000-02-25 16:52:12
Subject: [Veritas-bu] available_media script
From: Patrick Boyle PBoyle AT esri DOT com
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2000 13:52:12 -0800
Going back to the original thread here.

I took this issue to 2nd level support about 14-16 months ago.
Forgive me for the lack of real data on this.  I have since lost
(the fix and would love to have it back now, I am seeing the error again
in 3.2 and didn't keep the the original 3.1.1 script.  You would think I
have a backup of it but...)

We were directed to place a 'sleep 4' command somewhere
in the available_media script, which allowed for the port(s) being
used to free up before they were requested/required again
for the next search.

We were also given another fix "option".  To change the time-out
value within Networking, therefore freeing up the port(s) faster.

We chose the sleep command option.  This resolved our

The 2nd level person was a women named Teri (Teri, are you listening??)
Perhaps someone can post this fix.

I am looking forward to trying Robs' script change, thanks for that!!

Enjoy all,
Patrick Boyle
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In my version (3.1.1) of available_media, a tape is assigned the attribute
"DBBACKUP" when the script can't find anything better for it to use. If the
mediaid (eg: XXXXXX) cannot be located when a "bpmedialist -mlist -l -v
XXXXXX" command is performed, then it's assumed to be a netbackup database
backup tape.

I did find in the past, examples of other problems that caused a tape to be
flagged in this fashion...(sorry, but I don't recall the exact details).  So
whenever I see such a flagged tape nowadays, I check out everything about
that mediaid to see what might have possibly caused it.

This is under netbackup 3.1.1....I don't know about 3.2.


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