[Veritas-bu] Cannot get bound socket - update

2000-02-10 11:16:15
Subject: [Veritas-bu] Cannot get bound socket - update
From: Enteles, Philip (FUSA) PhilipEnteles AT FirstUSA DOT com
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2000 11:16:15 -0500
I have seen something similar to this but it was on the slave server where
the problem actually was.  In your case the server named bkup2.  Look for
sockets on that machine that are trying to close.  Also see if bpps -a
reports 2 of any MM processes that should be a single process like acsd or
avrd.  A reboot of bkup2 will free the socket, that's the only way to do it.
My situation may be different than yours because we are using ACS to manage
our libraries.

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Subject: Re: [Veritas-bu] Cannot get bound socket - update

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> Subject: [Veritas-bu] Cannot get bound socket error
> > Good morning all.  We are running netbackup 3.2 on Solaris 2.6, and keep
> > getting the following message in the problem report:
> >
> > bkup2 -  cannot get bound socket: Address already in use (125)
> >
> > This message is repeated incessantly.  Stopping/starting netbackup
> > (cleanly, according to docs) will cause it to stop.  I cannot seem to
> > associate the messages starting to any event.  It does not seem to
> > interfere with the backups, and is more a nuisance than anything else.
> > suggestions would be appreciated.
> >
> > David Simpson - Consultant davidgs AT colltech DOT com
> > Collective Technologies

Thanks for the input from everyone, but the problem still persists. I have
found the following in the bpdbm log, which is where the problem starts.

17:54:30 [28059] <4> bpdbm: INITIATING bpdbm: NetBackup 3.2GA 99111100 on
bkup2 (verbose) IDIRSTRUCT=2
17:54:30 [28059] <2> bpdbm: wakeup 60 minutes, not logging queries,
catching sigs
17:54:30 [28059] <2> build_server_list: *** Server name bkup2 ***
17:54:30 [28059] <2> build_server_list:     ip address is,
17:54:30 [28059] <2> getsockbound: service=bpdbm protocol=tcp port=13721
17:54:30 [28059] <16> getsockbound: bind() failed, Address already in use

bpdbm was already running, causing the error.  Any ideas why it tried to
start, and why it keeps on trying to start?


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