[Networker] Any one using Kaspersky antivirus with Networker (server)?

2012-10-02 09:53:55
Subject: [Networker] Any one using Kaspersky antivirus with Networker (server)?
From: Michael Leone <Michael.Leone AT PHA.PHILA DOT GOV>
Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2012 09:52:52 -0400
Anyone using Networker (server) for Windows, with Kaspersky antivirus? I'm 
having a heck of time with performance issues since installing KAV on my 
Networker 7.6.2 server for Windows.  Specifically, with cloning speeds, 
more than anything. And before I post on the KAV forums, I'd thought I'd 
ask here first, since I know everyone here runs Networker, and it may not 
be quite as pervasive on the general KAV forums. :-)

The speed writing the clones to disk (AFTD) seems acceptable, when looking 
at the start and stop times on the group completion reports. But cloning 
from there to tape is a *lot* slower than it was, before the KAV install. 
When only writing one clone, I am getting decent speeds - 50-60 MB (I have 
fiber connected LTO-4 drives in my library). But if there are 2 clones 
trying to write, I'm lucky to get 20MB, whereas before I know I was 
pushing 40-50MB to 3 drives at once. 

Now, a cloning to tape means that the data is coming from the AFTD device 
(which is defined as one of the drives on the client), to the server, then 
out to the tape drives. Do I have that data path correct? I'm not sure how 
to make that an exclusion, since the OS never sees that as a drive 
mapping, only the NW application (presuming that making an exclusion like 
that is what I want to do ...)

I've tried a lot of exclusions, etc, but I need more. Anyone have any 
experience with KAV v8.1.0.831 and Networker (v7.6.x, specifically)? KAV 8 
is different, in that it has a firewall component as well, but it's not 
blocking the NW ports (else it wouldn't work at all ...).


Michael Leone
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