Re: [Networker] NSR 7.4.5 Entire Catalog dump to text file...????

2012-01-18 15:50:31
Subject: Re: [Networker] NSR 7.4.5 Entire Catalog dump to text file...????
From: Michael Leone <Michael.Leone AT PHA.PHILA DOT GOV>
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2012 15:50:20 -0500
> I need to dump an entire Networker catalog, to include a file 
> listing of what's backed up and retention to text file. The plan is 
> to use scanner at a later date for specific file recovery on another
> Legato environment on an "as needed" basis.
> In other words, the customer will say I want:
> /u01/app/file_name.txt restored from old_server_long_retired
> Put the file on new_server_in_production
> I will need to search the dump text file for that file in the date 
> range specified by the customer, find out what tape and SSID it is 
> in and use scanner to recover said file.
> All this is for a just in case for their long retention data and 
> they really need to retire the old server.
> As always, advice and pointers welcomed and appreciated.

I did something similar once. I did an mminfo of the old server, saved as 
a CSV file, which I then imported in an Excel Spreadsheet. I would use the 
data features to find what I wanted, and then just did a scanner for the 
specific saveset ID.

I did an mminfo of


Then when I needed an old saveset, I would make a client with the right 
client ID, do the scanner of the volume for the specific ssid I wanted, 
and then do a re-directed recovery onto an current client.

I would start with something like that.

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