[Networker] Freeing up a client license?

2011-02-09 19:15:49
Subject: [Networker] Freeing up a client license?
From: George Sinclair <George.Sinclair AT NOAA DOT GOV>
Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2011 19:13:27 -0500
Is there any way to free up a client license but still keep the nsr client resource(s)? I don't have to do it. Just curious.
Normally, I'd simply remove the nsr client resource(s), and that would
do it.
For laughs, I tried simply unchecking 'Scheduled backup', plus any
selected groups, but 'nsrlic' still reports the client as using a
license. Maybe I'd have to restart Networker?
We do have a couple of client resources that are not listed under
'nsrlic', so they don't count toward our license count, but their
indexes do exist under /opt/nsr/index. However, the 'Client OS type' and
'NetWorker version' fields are empty. I'm guessing that's why they don't
count. Perhaps, I re-created them at one point, using the same clientid
as before, and because they hadn't been backed up again, NetWorker
didn't populate these fields?

George Sinclair
Voice: (301) 713-3284 x210
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