[Networker] State of Networker and VMware backups?

2011-02-09 12:07:23
Subject: [Networker] State of Networker and VMware backups?
From: "Brian O'Neill" <oneill AT OINC DOT NET>
Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2011 12:06:19 -0500
For the first time, I'm looking at the possibility of bringing in a VMware cluster into our Networker backup environment. And I'm finding myself quite confused over the state of things.
Let me set up the situation quickly:

- Networker 7.5SP2 currently
- VMware vSphere 4.1 cluster (all nodes run ESXi 4.1)
- For DR purposes only, data must be moved off-site on a weekly basis
- The off-site data must be encrypted
- We do not currently have any VMware integration installed or licensed

If I read things right, VADP support won't appear until 7.6SP2 (last I heard was it would be released this quarter), and it doesn't sound like it will show up in 7.5 at all. I understand people are still able to use VCB for now.
We can still do standard guest OS file level backups, but for DR
purposes on the weekly backup it would seem to make sense to back up at
the brick level with a snapshot, much like what VMware Data Recovery
provides, but I need the data encrypted (which VDR doesn't do).
Can I do VCB-style backups with 7.5SP2 currently, with the VCB
integration module running on the windows VCB host? What additional
license is required for that?
Should I upgrade to 7.6SP1 anyways right now? I think I may need to as
most of the guests are Win2K8SP2...then I can do VCB backups for now and
for hopefully a minimal upgrade to SP2, get the benefit of VADP backups...

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