Re: [Networker] How to delete a client file index?

2011-02-07 15:18:56
Subject: Re: [Networker] How to delete a client file index?
From: George Sinclair <George.Sinclair AT NOAA DOT GOV>
Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2011 15:17:52 -0500
On 02/07/11 07:59, Tim Cassidy wrote:
I wrote a script that mminfo's all the SSID's for the client you want to delete 
and then it
Issues a  (nsrmm -d -s servername -y -S ssid). Once this is done I delete the 
client from Networker and
Also remove the index entry from the index folded.
Thanks. I'm actually not interested in removing the media database
entries, however, just the client index directory itself on disk as well
as all the resources in nmc. Seems easy enough, but wasn't sure if the
'nsrck -R - Y' command needed to be done before or after removing the
client resources or if it even matters. Still seems unnecessary to even
bother using the nsrck command when a *very* careful 'mv' command (say,
to somewhere safe outside of /opt/nsr/index), followed by an 'rm -rf
client' would do.
Then again, perhaps the whole reason to use the nsrck command is that
this might obviate the need to shut down NW first? Doubt the command
would work if NW was already down?

Hope this helps.

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Running 7.5.1 on Linux RH.

I have some old clients that I want to remove from disk because they're
taking up space and licenses. I have their NSR client resource
information saved, including the clientid - not that I couldn't get that
from the media database - but just in case. I also have full backups of
their indexes. I don't need these anymore.

Can I just remove the NSR client resources from NMC and then run 'nsrck
-R -Y client'. Is that all I need to do? Is that the correct order?

Also, why not just run 'rm -rf client'. I mean, aside from the obvious
possibility for horrible mistype, does the nsrck command accomplish
anything more or better?

Even if NW was somehow trying to prune the index when you ran it, what
difference would it make if you don't need it anymore?



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