[Networker] A few question on cloning

2010-10-22 11:01:50
Subject: [Networker] A few question on cloning
From: Skip Hanson <shanson AT EMC DOT COM>
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2010 07:57:39 -0700
  Hello again. As you may know we added scheduled cloning to the 7.6.1
release. With your help we can continue to evolve this functionality.
Therefore, I have a few questions for you regarding how you script nsrclone.

  1. In what scenarios are you doing this?
  2. Do you make use of the -J option?
  3. Do you make use of the -d option?
  4. How do you schedule the clone operations?
  5. Would the ability to chain save groups or clone operations be useful
(having a group or clone operation's execution tied to the ending of a
previous operation)?
  6. Would the ability to have groups or clone operations just run once be

  Feel free to respond back to the list or to our usability alias at
networker_usability AT emc DOT com. Thank you again for all the help and 

Skip Hanson
NetWorker Usability


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