[Networker] Using EMC Networker for Exchange 2007 backups vs Netbackup

2010-10-18 16:01:39
Subject: [Networker] Using EMC Networker for Exchange 2007 backups vs Netbackup
From: Bruce_77 <networker-forum AT BACKUPCENTRAL DOT COM>
Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2010 09:15:49 -0400
Hi All

We are moving to Exchange 2007 in one of our sites. At the moment, we are 
running Exchange 2003 on two servers in an A/A/P config, we'll be moving to 
similar (Single Copy Cluster) for Exchange 2007. We have about 6000 users 

Currently, we are using Veritas Netbackup for our backups which is fine. On 
each server, we have 4 Storage group, and 5 Mailbox Stores per SG. 

With Exchange 2007, we'll be moving to 40 Mailbox Stores per server. So, lots 
more databases to backup :) We'll also be increasing the mailbox size limits 
from 200 MB/mailbox to 1GB/mailbox.  So, lot more data to backup too :).

I'm not a backup person - we have our own backup team for that - but I was 
hoping someone could confirm a few things for me here. I've searched the 
internet but can't find the answers to my questions. The reason I'm asking is 
that our backup team is recommending we move to EMC Networker, but I can't 
understand their reasons why.

1. Am I correct in thinking that Netbackup backs up one database, finishes, 
then moves onto the next one.

2. Am I correct in thinking that Netbackup is a 'streaming' backup software? 

3. Does 'streaming' backup mean that data is streamed from the source server to 
the Netbackup server where it's copied onto tape?

4. If we move to EMC Networker, how does this change?

5. Is EMC Networker a continous backup software such as DPM 

Any help appreciated!

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