Re: [Networker] Round Robin DNS issue

2010-10-14 18:38:04
Subject: Re: [Networker] Round Robin DNS issue
From: Tim Mooney <Tim.Mooney AT NDSU DOT EDU>
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2010 17:36:48 -0500
In regard to: [Networker] Round Robin DNS issue, Browning, David said (at...:

I was wondering if anyone has run across this issue, and has a solution
to it.

Our email group installed the BES server in a 2 server setup, where DNS
points to servers in an alternating fashion (round robin DNS, a
recommendation from RIM).   Server1 and Server2 contain mostly the same
data, but are not identical, but point to the same name - XXXXXBES.

In other words, when a device requests XXXXXBES, it points to either
Server1 or Server2.   The problem comes in backing up both servers.
When I try to backup Server1 or Server2, it comes back that "XXXXXBES"
is not properly configured on the server.  In the past, we've simply
given that alias to a server, but I've never given 1 alias to 2
different servers.   And when I tested that configuration, it worked,
but definitely causes problems with the index.
I don't think you've provided enough information about how things are
configured to be able to give you any definitive answers, but there's at
least one thing you can try.

First, how exactly are the clients defined in NetWorker?  Is XXXXXBES
a CNAME for some real name, and the clients are configured using the real
fqdn for each server, with XXXBES as an alias for each?

One thing you might try is using

        Backup command:   save -c client1

for client #1, and

        Backup command:   save -c client2

for client #2, assuming that you actually have some way to distinguish
the clients.  "Backup command" is in the "Apps & Modules" area of the GUI.
Note that whatever you use as an argument to "-c" needs to exactly match
whatever name you've given each client within NetWorker, which should
cause NetWorker to add the index entries to the correct index directory.

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