[Networker] Full Backups Each Run

2010-10-04 10:43:52
Subject: [Networker] Full Backups Each Run
From: Chester Martin <cmartin AT SPP DOT ORG>
Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2010 09:40:41 -0500

I have a couple of groups setup for a couple of file shares.  On the "schedule" 
location of the group properties I have a weekly schedule setup like this:

incr full incr incr incr incr skip

My overrides look like this:
incr sunday every week
full monday every week
incr tuesday every week
incr wednesday every week
incr thursday every week
incr friday every week

I even have the "force incremental" option checked in the group properties.  
The problem is that it always run a full backup no matter what on both groups.  
 I'm guessing it's something simple that's causing this and I'm looking too 
deep.. :-?


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