[Networker] mminfo query - how to do an "OR" and "AND"

2008-05-27 15:25:19
Subject: [Networker] mminfo query - how to do an "OR" and "AND"
From: MIchael Leone <Michael.Leone AT PHA.PHILA DOT GOV>
Date: Tue, 27 May 2008 15:18:20 -0400
We do a number of jobs that are clone jobs. SO I have a script that tells 
me when I only have 2 copies of a saveset (i.e., 1 copy on the R/W AFTD 
device, 1 copy on the R/O AFTD device) - meaning the 3rd copy never made 
it to tape, and so I have to manually clone it. That works well ... except 
... sometimes the clone portion fails, and so the number of copies =3, but 
the clone flags list "Aborted". So what I need is a query that says 

Copies=2, or [Copies=3 AND (clflags="a" or clflags="i" or clflags="s")]

The manual is less than clear on how to tell mminfo how to use a query 
spec like that .... Is there any way I can do the above as 1 mminfo call, 
or will I need to do multiple mminfo reports, and act on the info 


(the impetus is that I had a tape error during the cloning process, and so 
I needed to manually clone a specific saveset, and I didn't want to do it 
by searching via the GUI)

Michael Leone
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