[Networker] NDMP Backups - Library connection req'd?

2008-05-14 10:39:09
Subject: [Networker] NDMP Backups - Library connection req'd?
From: Kent Dias <robert.k.dias.contractor AT PMUSA DOT COM>
Date: Wed, 14 May 2008 10:34:31 -0400
I'm trying to set up NDMP backups of our NetAPP NAS. We are running 
Networker 7.3.2 on Windows 2003 Server with 3 tape libraries attached via 
our SAN switch. The NetApp is NOT connected to the SAN - only the LAN at 
this time.

I have added the NAS nodes as clients and also added them as storage 
nodes. I've created a dedicated medias pool and pointed it to a single 
drive on Lib2. When I try to back them up I get the following: 

* pmurdenasp01:/vol/vol0/.snapshot nsrndmp_save: error, no matching 
devices for save of client `pmurdenasp01'; check storage nodes, devices or 

Is this because the NAS doesn't have a connection to a tape library?

Our NAS Administrator insists that this can be done without the NAS having 
a connected library - I'm not so sure.

Any suggestions on proper implementation of NDMP backups ?


Kent Dias 
Windows System Administrator 
Northrop Grumman IT - Richmond 
robert.k.dias.contractor AT altria DOT com 

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