[Networker] Error in nt_lus_get_inquiry; error was 1

2008-05-13 08:14:33
Subject: [Networker] Error in nt_lus_get_inquiry; error was 1
From: Jerome Swartz <JeromeSwartz AT WOOLWORTHS.CO DOT ZA>
Date: Tue, 13 May 2008 14:07:18 +0200
Hi All
Networker version 7.4 on Windows 2003 32 bit.
We have over the last few months upgraded our sap servers to Windows x64 
enterprise edition SP1
We then had problems with the installion of our tape devices and installed a MS 
patch (kb916048) and still had the problem when we run inquire. It does not 
display any of our tape devices. I then logged a call with EMC regarding this 
and i made reference  to (LGTsc07253) which i read about in powerlink.
They now saying there is no patch available for this but i have 2 clients with 
the same spec (x64 w2k3 sp1)
and they are running fine as storage nodes
If any of you have any know how around this it will be much appreciated.
Thanks & Regards,
Jerome Swartz

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