Re: [Networker] Advice needed on directive

2008-05-12 11:22:28
Subject: Re: [Networker] Advice needed on directive
From: MIchael Leone <Michael.Leone AT PHA.PHILA DOT GOV>
Date: Mon, 12 May 2008 11:18:48 -0400
Davina Treiber <Davina.Treiber AT DOT uk> wrote on 05/12/2008 

> MIchael Leone wrote:
> > I have a question ... I have a number of MS SQL servers that I backup 
> > using the NW Module for SQL 5.1, nightly. I also backup the rest of 
> > filesystem (i.e., non databases) weekly. And of course, I always get 
> > Open" messages when backing up the databases and lock files. I need 
> > therefore to make a directive to skip those. BUt how to make one that 
> > skips those files if doing a filesystem backup, and to ignore the 
> > directive if I'm using the NW Module to get a hotbackup?
> > 
> > I remebering reading that I should always try to apply Global 
> > to avoid having a locally defined directive file on a client, that I 
> > forget is there. 
> > 
> > So I could use some advice on how to construct and then apply the 
> > directive to skip *.MDF and  *.LDF files during filesystem backup 
jobs. (I 
> > have separate clients and groups for backups using the NW SQL Module). 
> > I have 2 client definitions for DEV001, for example - one with the 
> > of MSSQL and and with a saveset of ALL, and 2 separate groups, one 
> > each of the client definitions.
> > 
> It's simple. You make a directive to skip the database files and use it 
> for the filesystem client, but you don't apply this directive to the 
> client that does the database backup.

See, this is where I think I've been getting confused ... I just checked, 
and there is a directive called "SQL DB files", and another called "NT 
Standard directives". What I had been doing (since I was unclear about 
directives) was following our previous setup, in which:

saveset SQLDB: and directive "SQL DB files" (which state to skip *.MDF and 
*.LDF, but only on drive C:)

saveset ALL and directive "NT standard directive", which apparently does 
nothing ....

I guess instead I want saveset ALL and a directive to skip *.MDF and *.LDF 
on *any* drive, since we usually standardize on drive S: as our SQL DB 
drive (but not always, meaning there are older machines with the MDF files 
on drive D:)

So I guess I need a directive to skip *.MDF and *.LDF on any mapped (read: 
mounted) filesystem on the client.

Would that be just:

  +skip: *.ldf *.LDF *.mdf *.MDF

and remove the  line <<"C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL 
Server\MSSQL\Data\">> that now preceeds the above in in my "SQL DB files" 
directive now? That would skip those files on any mounted/mapped 

And so my client definitions would be"

saveset MSSQL: and no directives
saveset ALL and the directive from above, which skips those files anywhere 
in the filesystem?


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