Re: [Networker] Breaking up large savesets

2008-05-07 14:35:52
Subject: Re: [Networker] Breaking up large savesets
From: Tim Mooney <Tim.Mooney AT NDSU DOT EDU>
Date: Wed, 7 May 2008 13:27:00 -0500
In regard to: [Networker] Breaking up large savesets, Ferguson, Andrew said...:

I have a few Linux systems with user home folders that are very large
(4TB-10TB). I am looking for a way to break up the savesets without
having to list all of the folders in the client configuration. I have
been working with a directive to backup files and folders based on the
starting letter (A&B, C&D, ETC..), but it doesn't seem to be working
correctly. Does anybody have a directive that works for them they can
share or know of a way to be able to break up a saveset. I am currently
running Networker 7.2.2 on Solaris 9.

This has been discussed a few times on the list before, and some very nice
tricks have been provided.  If you're going to search the archives, look
for a post from Andrew McGeorge, on April 7th of 2003.  He provides a very
good recipe on how to do this safely.

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