[Networker] exchange backup group seg faults after completion

2008-05-07 10:21:56
Subject: [Networker] exchange backup group seg faults after completion
From: Alex Alexiou <aalexiou AT TARGETSITE DOT COM>
Date: Wed, 7 May 2008 10:18:28 -0400
I've had a strange problem with our Exchange backup ever since we moved to a
new exchange server. Whenever the backup group that backs up our Storage
Groups (not the OS) finishes, it seems to seg fault. There are entries like
this in the logs:

05/06/08 17:36:09 nsrd: runq: NSR group Email Server was terminated by a
             pools supported: Data1;

When this happens, the Legato GUI lists the group as still running, even
though it really isn't. However, the information stores do appear to have
finished backing up; the group just doesn't finish properly and email us,
seg faulting instead. I don't see the error when I try backing up the
Storage Groups directly from the client, so it appears to be something on
the server. However, the regular OS backups of the client complete fine
without the seg fault.
Thus far I've tried re-installing the legato client and exchange module on
the client and only backing up one information store in a different group,
and neither worked. EMC is stumped; they insist this problem was fixed in
the version we're running (Legato 7.3.3 on the client and server, with
version 5.1 of the exchange module on the client), and I've confirmed that
we're running the x86 version of the client and module, on an x86 server.
They don't see anything in the savegroup log that would explain this, even
with debugging turned on.
Anyone run into this before?

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