[Networker] Backing Up Novell Shares

2008-05-02 15:10:21
Subject: [Networker] Backing Up Novell Shares
From: tkutil <networker-forum AT BACKUPCENTRAL DOT COM>
Date: Fri, 2 May 2008 15:05:53 -0400
Hi All,

We are experimenting with Networker to replace Arc Serve at our remote 
locations. The user files are on Novell shares, but we don't really know what 
is the proper way to do this or if we need a special license. We installed 
Networker 7.4sp1 on a new server and are just running eval license pack for 10 
clients. We mapped drive M: from the Networker server to the Novell share and 
specified M:\some folder in the Save Set and ran the group backup, but nothing 
backed up. Are we doing something wrong or are we out of the scope of what 
networker can do. I know there is a client install for Novell, but we did not 
attempt that yet.

Any thoughts on the correct way or what is needed to backup Novell shares?


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