[Networker] clients renamed "clientname" to "~clientname-1" in media index

2007-05-31 20:01:59
Subject: [Networker] clients renamed "clientname" to "~clientname-1" in media index
From: Jason Heller <jason.heller AT HARLEY-DAVIDSON DOT COM>
Date: Thu, 31 May 2007 19:59:34 -0400
I have a "retired" Networker 7.1.3 server where we just stopped backing up 
clients automatically but otherwise left the environment untouched in order 
to perform historical restores.

Upon trying to do a restore I noticed that in the indexes (via mminfo) that 
the client names in the media index have "automatically" been renamed:  
prefixed with a "~" and suffixed with "-1".

My restore requires me to perform an nsrck -L7 to make the data browseable 
(it is recoverable) but the nsrck fails since it thinks it cannot find an 
index backup.

Specifically, for a client named "ilinkfile2" backed up to networker 
server "pdcvault" I see the following:

mminfo -av -q ssid=3110894286 -r name,ssid,ssinsert,ssbrowse,ssretent,client
 name                          ssid       inserted  browse   retent  client
index:~ilinkfile2-1            3110894286  05/18/06 05/17/16 05/17/16 

Any ideas?!


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