[Networker] ZFS

2007-05-25 01:24:06
Subject: [Networker] ZFS
From: David Stes <stes AT PANDORA DOT BE>
Date: Fri, 25 May 2007 07:35:37 +0200
We have some customers running NW7.3.2jumbo1 on SUN arrays with ZFS.

This works, not terribly fast, but there is some other NW732 weird
stuff with CAP I/O, and jukebox parallelism, on SL500, that I don't 
have with NW722 sites, so I understand your reluctance to go to NW73.

I opened in october 2006 a RFE LGTpa94821, support for ZFS in NW722.

You could raise a call with either SUN or EMC and ask to be added as an
affected customer to LGTpa94821.  It should be easy to patch nw722.

Finally, the question on 'All' is LGTpa91299.  In the release supplement
of NW732jumbo1 you'll find:

        zfs unmount <zpool>
        zfs set mountpoint=legacy <zpool>

I haven't tested the 'set mountpoint=legacy' myself, but it sounds reasonable.

David Stes

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