[Networker] NDMP setup fails with port 10000 connection failed error

2007-05-24 12:55:44
Subject: [Networker] NDMP setup fails with port 10000 connection failed error
From: "Reed, Ted G [IT]" <Ted.Reed AT SPRINT DOT COM>
Date: Thu, 24 May 2007 11:53:36 -0500
Legato 7.3.2 Win2003 master
1x LTO3 drive connected to master in ADIC 24k lib
Collection of standard wintel clients
NetApp w/ NDMP v3 accessible via network

        Trying to setup to backup NDMP data to the master's non-NDMP tape drive 
via the DSA on the master itself.  Using the backup command (or variants) of 
"nsrndmp_save -s $master -M -T dump" with SaveSet ALL (which should call 
nsrdsa_save as the 'active' agent).  Have tried w/ and w/o '-c $client' and '-I 
$master'.  Have Master's Administrator account listed for remote access and 
remote user.  However, the client always fails with the same error (details 
below) of "Failed to connect to port 10000".  
        Network says there's no firewall between the two points, but a "telnet 
$client 10000" returns a 'connection failed' vs the 'connection refused' of a 
normal legato client box....implying there's something not responding to port 
10000.  Whether it's the NetApp itself needing some update/config change to 
recognize traffic on port 10000 or some other value/program/other to fix the 
problem, I don't know (disclaimer:  I know absolutely NOTHING about NetApps, 
not even enough to ask intelligent questions).  The docs say I don't need 
anything on the NetApp side to make this work (no legato client install for 
NetApp) and that the DSA on the master will do it all as if it were any other 
client backup.  Is this true?  Any thoughts/experience to share would be much 
appreciated.  Thank you all for your time and attention.

>savegrp -v -c emcnas_01 Group_NDMP
emcnas_01:All level=5
05/24/07 09:58:22 savegrp: Group will not limit job parallelism
05/24/07 09:58:22 savegrp: emcnas_01:probe started

savefs -s gcfa-fs -c emcnas_01 -g Group_NDMP -p -l full -R -m -v
05/24/07 09:58:23 savegrp: command 'savefs -s gcfa-fs -c emcnas_01 -g 
Group_NDMP -p -l full -R -m -v ' for client emcnas_01 exited with return code 1.
05/24/07 09:58:23 savegrp: job (583) host: emcnas_01 savepoint: emcnas_01:All 
had ERROR indication(s) at completion.
* emcnas_01:All savefs: Failed to connect to port 10000 at host 'emcnas_01' 
:Connection refused
* emcnas_01:All savefs: Couldn't connect to service
* emcnas_01:All failed to establish connection to NDMP serversavefs: nothing to 
* emcnas_01:All savefs emcnas_01: failed.
05/24/07 09:58:28 savegrp: emcnas_01:probe failed.
05/24/07 09:58:28 savegrp: emcnas_01:index started

save -s gcfa-fs -S -g Group_NDMP -LL -f - -m gcfa-fs -V -t 1179958323 -l 5 -LL 
-W 78 -N index:24958b8d-00000004-46548f00-46548eff-00010000-c0a84d20 DProgram 
* emcnas_01:index save: Saving files modified since Wed May 23 17:12:03 2007.
* emcnas_01:index uasm: Saving files modified since Wed May 23 17:12:03 2007.
* emcnas_01:index DProgram Files\Legato\nsr\index\emcnas_01\
* emcnas_01:index
gcfa-fs: index:emcnas_01 level=5, 1 KB 00:00:01 1 file
05/24/07 09:58:31 savegrp: emcnas_01:index succeeded.
05/24/07 09:58:31 savegrp: nsrim run recently, skipping

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