[Networker] nsrstage problems.

2007-05-15 09:57:27
Subject: [Networker] nsrstage problems.
From: Yaron Zabary <yaron AT ARISTO.TAU.AC DOT IL>
Date: Tue, 15 May 2007 16:56:00 +0300
Our Networker setup is 7.2.2+Jumbo11+Hotfix on Solaris 9/Sparc. Yesterday, I noticed that staging kicks off every 8 minutes (the FS check interval) trying to stage some 14kb. After some investigation, running nsrstage manually, I found the following:
   . One of the clients, a broken Itanium server, had its clock at 1939.

. When trying to stage its save sets, they are cloned to tapes, but when nsrstage tries to delete them, it tries to delete the ssid clone which is on tape instead of the clone which is on disk, with the following error message:
nsrstage: Recovering space failed with the error Space can only be
recovered from adv_file and file type devices..
 The only solution I could find (after consulting with our vendor)
was to run nsrmmd -d -S for each of the save sets. Luckily, these save
sets could be disposed.
 Does anyone have any idea on how to fix this problem without losing
the saveset ?
   Any idea if this bug is fixed in 7.3 something ?


-- Yaron.

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