[Networker] Tuning Networker for multiple CPUs

2007-05-11 16:13:15
Subject: [Networker] Tuning Networker for multiple CPUs
From: "Goslin, Paul" <pgoslin AT CINCOM DOT COM>
Date: Fri, 11 May 2007 16:11:21 -0400
Our Networker server is a Dell Power Edge 2650 with 4 physical CPUs (as
recommended by EMC), 2GB memory. The Windows Server 2003 running on it
makes the 4 CPUs appear as 8 total CPUs. We don't really seem to see all
the CPUs being utilized by the Networker server software while backups
are running.... Is there any tuning or tweaking that can be done to
improve the CPU utilization by the software ? All I know is that when
ANY backup sessions are running on the server, response time of the
Windows GUI is lethargic at best, it takes forever to do a simple task ,
such as postpone a scheduled task to run at a later time, etc.....


Paul Goslin
IS&TS Unix Administration

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