[Networker] networker 7.2.2 w/ACSLS

2007-05-11 14:59:16
Subject: [Networker] networker 7.2.2 w/ACSLS
From: Rick Pim <rick AT POST.QUEENSU DOT CA>
Date: Fri, 11 May 2007 14:55:39 -0400
i should have known it was too good to be true.

after performing a bunch of tests with my new networker
server and ACSLS-controlled library, i was ready to take the next 
step. i contacted EMC and sun and got new enabler codes
for the licenses on my old networker server. these licenses
included (some client licenses skipped, but they're all authorized):

Autochanger Module, Unlimited Slots/32767  Authorized - No expiration date
ClientPaks for LINUX/1                     Authorized - No expiration date
ClientPaks for UNIX/1                      Authorized - No expiration date
NetWorker Client Connections/25            Authorized - No expiration date
NetWorker for UNIX, Network Edition        Authorized - No expiration date 
  (10 clients per server)/1 server 
Update for NetWorker 7       

but it claims that the library isn't licensed:

# nsrjb
nsrjb: error, The jukebox 'stk0' is not properly licensed.  Make sure
the jukebox is properly enabled and authorized.

is this an error on my part? (it worked with the demo license,
though...) or do i need a different license to enable an ACSLS


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