Re: [Networker] Unique save set name problem finally solved?

2007-05-08 17:57:20
Subject: Re: [Networker] Unique save set name problem finally solved?
From: George Sinclair <George.Sinclair AT NOAA DOT GOV>
Date: Tue, 8 May 2007 17:54:49 -0400
Darren Dunham wrote:
As such, I guess I could create a wrapper script (/usr/sbin/nsr_test) that calls the one we have been using (/usr/sbin/nsrnmo_level1_test). I notice when I use the existing one, and I run a backup, I see the following running
on the Oracle client:

/bin/sh /usr/sbin/nsrnmo_level1_test -s server_name -g group_name -LL -m client_name -t 1178573804 -l incr -q -W 78 -N path2RMANscript path2RMANscript
So, we would just need to change the value following the '-N' as you
suggested. However, it's going to be a bit involved getting the correct
time value. If we do it the way we've been doing it then NW figures it
out and passes all the correct parameters. If we create the wrapper script
and specify that instead then we're going to have to explicitly call the
nsrnmo script (nsrnmo_level1_test) with all the expected parameters;
it bombs with the "nsrnmostart returned status of 255" message.
No... your script will be passed all of that stuff.  You just need
to change the -N part to what you want, then pass it all on to nsrnmo.

I created a shell script (under /usr/sbin) with the following line:

/usr/sbin/nsrnmo -N name

I placed the name of the shell script in the 'Backup command' field for the client resource. It expected it to begin with 'save' or 'nsr', so I named its something like
But when I ran the group, it failed and only backed up the client index.
NetWorker reported
1 retry attempted on the rman script (save set name) and reported the
following error:
client:RMAN:/path2_rman_script nsrnmostart returned status of 255
client:RMAN:/ path2_rman_script /usr/sbin/nsrnmo exiting.

When I changed the 'Backup command' field from '' back to 'nsrnmo' it runs fine, but, of course, no control over the name used. Should we instead
try placing '-N name' after nsrnmo in the 'Backup command' field as:

nsrnmo -N name

instead of referencing it in another script?

Furthermore, what ever custom name we supply via '-N', this will be the name for all save sets as reported by mminfo, so that's not really any better than what we're getting now.
I guess that depends on your script.  The more smarts it has, the more
it could construct a name that is what you want.  But yes, I don't know
a way to get the information that 'nsrnmo' would have back out to your
script before it runs....

It would be nice if the nsrnmo script could be run once in a 'do
nothing' mode, but printed out some information that you could use for a
saveset name, then you could invoke it with the -N flag.

I mean, having mminfo report a different name
for the control file versus the data files might be nice, but everything gets launched once the rman script is called, so unless we split out the backup of the control file into its own rman script then its save set will have the same name, at least as far as what mminfo reports. nsrinfo, however, would still report the names are mandated by the format command. Does this inference sound correct? :-\
That is correct.  You can only set one name for all savesets spawned by
the nsrnmo script this way.

This idea was just a workaround anyway.  The nsrnmo stuff has the
capability to set the saveset name to whatever it wants to.  There's
just (apparently) no mechanism to modify that string.

Anyway, I guess all of this is unnecessary since the rman script name indicates the level, and we can see the unique names from the nsrinfo command. Also, as others have commented, you use RMAN for everything anyway, and NW figures it out. I guess I was overly complicating it. :-(
Probably.  The only thing I would ever have used it for is reporting.  I
do a fair amount of reporting that breaks things out by saveset name.  I
almost never go into to the file index to gather information there.

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